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How Will Google’s March 2024 Core Update Affect My Travel Blog?

Google's recent announcement of the March 2024 core update and new spam policies holds significant implications for content creators.

Mediavine’s “Journey” Program for Sites with 10K Sessions

Recognizing the challenges up-and-coming and moderately-sized blogs faced, Mediavine introduced "Journey" for growing publishers with 10K sessions.
internal and external linking, link building

Internal and External Linking Best Practices for Travel Blogs

Travel blogging is not just about captivating stories and stunning photographs; it's also about best web practices, like internal and external linking.
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How to Write a Travel Guide That Will Actually Rank

Writing an engaging and informative travel guide that ranks well in search engines is crucial to travel bloggers who depend on affiliate links and ad networks to make money.
high-quality content

Decoding Google’s Definition of High-Quality Content

Central to Google's mission is high-quality content—material designed to genuinely aid users rather than solely cater to search engines.

What You Need to Know About Google Manual Actions and Security Issues

What travel bloggers need to know about Google's manual actions and security issues to ensure their content remains accessible and trustworthy.